Adam, Erin, Owen, Liam, Aeva & Rose Schifferli

Adam, Erin, Owen, Liam, Aeva & Rose Schifferli



Founder's Vision

Erin and Adam Schifferli founded JoyWheel Yoga & Wellness in 2013 with a vision to create a welcoming space for all to learn and practice yoga, meditation as well as have access to high quality wellness services. 

Erin founded Schifferli Works, LLC in 2008 as a traveling registered dietitian nutritionist who practiced strictly in-home-visits. As the practice grew Erin discovered she wanted to offer people more holistic practices than her formal degree offered her. She had been a long time practitioner of yoga and her heart knew there was more on this path to discover. She trained in yoga, meditation, reiki and energy medicine. With the combination of these living and healing arts she knew she wanted to provide personalized classes and services that would teach people how to unveil their true potential. She believed that all beings are meant to thrive rather than just survive the "shoulds" mentality. This was an exciting time for the whole family as they prepared to move to East Aurora.

Adam also became interested in health and wellness beginning by learning and training in various schools of meditation followed by yoga and energy medicine.  He fell in love with these arts and the way they can allow us to embrace the truth of who we all are. His practices offer a unique combination of stress relief, letting go of the past and re-discovery of ones own true nature and full potential. Adam specializes in assisting people in recovery as well as those who claim they can't meditate. He is passionate about helping people find their own personalized pathway to better health.

With great gratitude Adam & Erin wish to serve the community by collaborating with the other Providers and teachers at JoyWheel to offer a space where all can come to learn, grow and co-create their best health. This community-based yoga and wellness center offers a pathway to wholeness for seekers of true wellness. 

"I have been a seeker and I still am but I stopped asking the books and the stars and I started asking the teaching of my soul" ~Rumi