Compass Yoga Method

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These are the pillars that form the foundation for our Compass Yoga Method programming.

Compass invites students to elevate their Yoga practice by focusing on both individual needs and group intentions.

This approach has been shown to improve overall daily wellness in mind, body, and spirit. A recent student described the program as “the fusion of a coffee date, asana practice, philosophy lecture, and talk therapy.It was a simple, joyful, and profound experience.”

Consistency is the key. Remember the jug fills drop by drop.” Siddhāttha Gotama Buddah

Course cost - $240 for 12 weeks *students encouraged to attend all 12 sessions

MORE Testimonials - from Compass Students:

“It is clear that JoyWheel has put much planning, time and love into offering something beyond just a one hour yoga class. That creates a safe, intimate space where participants can come together, with the teacher, to formulate a practice just for their group.”

“My body movements have improved significantly since week one.  Gaining an understanding of the importance of breathing and truly focusing daily intentional time to breathing practice has brought me to a place where I feel very in tune with my body.  I am six months out of back surgery and I am very happy with how my body is reacting to this class.  Thank you!!!!”

“The Compass Intentional Yoga Method has been a very helpful and informative in building my practice. I have been going to yoga classes for many years, but learning more about the foundations and being exposed to different breathing techniques has helped me gain more in my practice. Creating a home practice has helped me start a purposeful morning routine that has helped me get a good handle throughout the day when work and life stress begin. I look forward to continue to learn more and build more in my home practice.”


  • Small private-group setting

  • 12-week series: four 3 week segments

  • Personalized scheduling available

  • In class Q&A plus weekly email reviews

  • All props & resources included in program

  • Access to lending-library for further self-study

  • Guided by experienced 500 HR Yoga Teachers Erin & Adam Schifferli

  • Each group dynamic is designed with students’ individualized intentions, encouraging a supportive environment where students remain motivated and inspired

Schedule solo or enroll your own group of up to 6.  The Compass Yoga Method will assist students as they deepen their own daily Yoga practices and integrate wellness experiences that begin to shift daily habit-patterns. Students will learn how to navigate life’s stressors differently, they begin to feel more energized, and discover what wholeness feels like: mental clarity, physical well-being, and grounded connection.

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