Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’m new to yoga, where do I start?

A: First, WELCOME! Next, follow these simple guidelines to help get you on the mat and benefiting from this practice. Remember, there is zero competition in yoga and everyone’s path is different.

§  Schedule a private or semi-private session with a teacher and learn how to best navigate your practice within your specific personal, physical and lifestyle needs

§  Join a Yoga For Beginners class – offered every season: Link to schedule here

§  If you are already physically active and wish try to try the experience of an all levels class. Be sure to let your instructor know that you are new to yoga.

Q: What do I do when I first arrive?

A: Try to arrive for classes 10-15 minutes before they begin to give yourself time to remove shoes or any outdoor wear, use the restroom and set up your yoga mat and props (as needed). It is important not to rush in or out of your yoga practice. Think of it as beginning your yoga practice as soon as you enter the building.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: Please wear comfortable stretchy clothing that is not too loose. You do not want your t shirt flapping up when you move or to constantly be adjusting bulky clothing. Breathable fitted active wear works well for any yoga class. Please leave your scented items at home and do not wear them (perfumes or colognes) when you come to yoga. We do a lot of breathing in class and many people have sensitivities to fragrances. Natural essential oils, deodorant and shampoos etc do not apply to this.

Q: Can I pay with my insurance?

We hope so! We accept all HSA & Wellness dedit cards that have any major credit card affiliation (such as VISA) on them. We also accept Independent Health’s FlexFit Active, Personalbest and FlexFit Family debit cards. We have inquired into accepted BCBS MANY times in the past several years; however they have told us that they are no longer accepting new Wellness Providers.