Sonic Shifts

Saturdays June 30th - July 21st


Our bodies let us know when we are out of rhythm - sometimes as a headache, a backache, maybe even something chronic. Sometimes insomnia, panic attacks or depression. But however it manifests, music can heal. Yoga can heal. Breath can heal. Space can heal.

Explore the healing benefits of sound and movement as musician Nicholas Thurkins and Yoga teacher Carrie Evans partner to take you on a transformative rhythmic journey. Join us for this exciting, powerful, LIVE fusion of drumming, yoga and meditation. In this 4 week class series, we will move with postures and breathwork to fresh beats, meditate to tranquil tones and deeply relax to a soothing sound bath

Breathe. Balance. Be. 

Yoga, Meditation and energy practices can help us live in alignment with our true nature. Unveil who you are and who you wish to be. Let go of the survival struggle and choose to thrive. Here's how to enable this through practice -

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