Reiki Share Announcement

Reiki moves us towards balance and wholeness by using a simple relaxation technique which activates the body’s natural healing response, relieves stress, and brings restoration.

Because Reiki has been so meaningful in our own lives, and also paves the way for other holistic practices such as meditation, we’ve created a program to help people explore and share Reiki with the people in their lives.

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Non-Attachment & the Yoga Sutras

In our last article, we looked at the first few yoga sutras and what they have to say about the states of the mind. In short, our mind can become more still through practice, or we will remain trapped in the patterns of our thoughts and our habits. 

The sutras take this further by saying Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tan nirodhah, or through practice we can cultivate non-attachment. Non-Attachment is an idea that comes up in several ways in the paths of yoga, meditation, marital arts, and other practices, and it is not always the easiest concept to understand right away. 

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Guided Meditation Therapy

We all want to feel grounded, centered and in control. At the same time we all want to optimize our energy and mental focus so that we can achieve more in a given day.

Meditation is the only practice that does both, while simultaneously building gray-matter in your brain, a physical restructuring that improves processing and literally paves the way for new ways of thinking.

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