The Bittersweet beauty of Change

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From the Schifferli Family to yours -

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You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.   ~Henry David Thoreau

There is a great beauty we can observe within the bittersweet transitions along our path. Might we all learn to view these unplanned transitions as unexpected guests or gifts? Welcoming them and their offerings...? Can we learn to embrace each ebb and flow that comes our way -- with grace? Our planet just experienced an incredible lunar, and then solar, Eclipse, two weeks apart this month. Our family had the great fortune to experience the solar eclipse in totality on our trip to Tennessee last week (as you can see in the photo above with our sporty protective glasses, compliments of Tay - thanks Tay!). What a majestic experience, to fully let go of the light, and embrace day-time darkness! We heard the song birds quiet and the evening insects begin to chirp during that incredible shift from light to dark. It teaches us that nature doesn't hold on, it flows with such grace that it can embrace change in an instant, with no scientific explanations, simply a trusting willingness to follow instincts and trust the process of life - come what may. 
What a blessing and honor it has been to be a part of this collaborative community, founded in 2008 in Hamburg, which grew to a brick and mortar collaborative space when we moved here to East Aurora in 2013. As my personal pathway shifts and I listen to my heart, I wish to share some reflections I'm grateful to have learned along the way over the past decade. Our family will be transitioning this October, as we prepare to lovingly release our home, in order to downsize and simplify our lives, I will be stepping more fully into my parenting role to create security for our children. Along with that prioritized role, I will also be re-investing in my self, with some continuing education, pursuing learning more about Native American Spiritualism, herbal and plant medicine to offer more cohesive natural nutrition and wellness guidance, furthering my understanding of nature studies through creative works and holding space for daily self spiritual practices. By investing in my own wellness; I invest in the wellness of all those around me.
With sending one child off to college already (we can't believe he's a junior this year), we understand how fleeting time with all four of our children, truly is. What a precious gift every moment spent in the now with them allows for. With that in mind, we plan to travel more with them, to experience the wonders of our world and the many beings in it, as well as pursuing an offer both Adam and I have received -- to share, facilitate and teach Yoga and healing arts at multiple locations around the world. In order for me to pursue these directions, I need to trust and create some healthy space within my life. I also look forward to returning to more volunteerism, where my Yoga teaching pathway began, both within this beautiful WNY community, and elsewhere. I have become aware that it is time for me to to step aside from some of the heavy requirements of business management, and I must listen. I thank you all for being such a wonderful part of my path. I have learned so very much.
Just as I knew it was time for me to step aside from the ownership, business administration and director roles, Adam returned from Peru energetically prepared to step strongly and graciously into those same positions. By combining his vast experience for the past 15 years in financial, business, customer service and technology integration with his passion for the healing arts. He looks forward to serving people utilizing a variety of healing modalities such as his Reiki Master certifications and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Registration along with his caring and compassionate approach for meditation teaching and coaching, Adam will bring a fresh vision to this already thriving JoyWheel Yoga, Energy Medicine & Wellness community. 
Adam and I are both so grateful to have shared the journey with all of you and this amazing Western New York community. We are delighted and thankful that we get to raise a family here; that our children get to witness the sincerity and caring of the local people and their vibrant creativity.
I thank all of you for sharing the practice with me, for investing your time and opening your hearts with us and our family. Be sure to stay tuned and look for future newsletters, offerings and blog posts with updates from both Adam and I... so much to be excited about!
This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. ~ Dalai Lama
Bowing deeply
Erin & Adam

Adam Schifferli