Introducing the Compass Intentional Yoga Method


Compass Intentional Yoga Method

Breathe. Balance. Be.

These are the pillars that form the foundation for our Compass: Intentional Yoga Method series.

We’re so glad to announce that after much development and multiple pilot groups, the Compass Intentional Yoga Method is being offered to the whole community!

Compass will invite students to elevate their Yoga practice by focusing on both individual needs and group intentions.

This approach has been shown to improve overall daily wellness in mind, body and spirit. A recent student described the program as “the fusion of a coffee date, asana practice, philosophy lecture, and talk therapy.It was a simple, joyful, and profound experience.”

Consistency is the key. Remember the jug fills drop by drop.

Siddhāttha Gotama Buddah

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Some previous Compass Students have said:

It is clear that JoyWheel has put much planning, time and love into offering something beyond just a one hour yoga class. That creates a safe, intimate space where participants can come together, with the teacher, to formulate a practice just for their group 

It is perfect for students who want to take their practice to a deeper level. Many times when looking to deepen our practice, we are led to take a teacher training to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and why it works. This is an opportunity to do so, without actually spending a lot of money and time in an official training.


My body movements have improved significantly since week one.  Gaining an understanding of the importance of breathing and truly focusing daily intentional time to breathing practice has brought me to a place where I feel very in tune with my body.  I am six months out of back surgery and I am very happy with how my body is reacting to this class.  Thank you!!!!


Making mindfulness accessible!  I have really enjoyed attending the first few weeks of the Compass Intentional Yoga Method class, and I have found it to be very practical and beneficial.  As an experienced yogi I have found that I struggle most with keeping a daily mindfulness practice.  This class has made a daily mindfulness practice not only accessible but also motivating!  This course has led and encouraged me to cultivate my own personal mindfulness and yoga practice daily, but I am kept motivated by my weekly class meet-up as I am able to ask questions and receive feedback from an experienced instructor as well as other classmates who are going through their own personal journeys alongside me.  This Compass Intentional Yoga Method class is the perfect blend of personalized instruction along with community encouragement.  I recommend this course for all yogis, beginners or experienced!


The Compass Intentional Yoga Method has been a very helpful and informative in building my practice. I have been going to yoga classes for many years, but learning more about the foundations and being exposed to different breathing techniques has helped me gain more in my practice. Creating a home practice has helped me start a purposeful morning routine that has helped me get a good handle throughout the day when work and life stress begin. I look forward to continue to learn more and build more in my home practice. 


 The Compass Intentional Yoga Method course felt, to me, like the fusion of a coffee date, asana practice, philosophy lecture, and talk therapy. It was a simple, joyful, and profound experience. CIYM helped me to become familiar with the routine of a sturdy home practice. The personalized attention, and requisite devotion of the small group setting, was very beneficial and helped me to shift my focus back to self-care (again and again).                       


Adam Schifferli