Guided Meditation Therapy

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Meditation offers us the opportunity to get to the roots of our patterns. Whether they are reactions to relationships, emotions, careers, or past experiences, these reactions do not lead us to greater ease and happiness and often create more of the same. We see the same patterns show up, often times just wearing a different face or name. Guided Meditation Therapy helps uncover and process these experiences in a healthy way so we can set down things that no longer serve us and move forward with more peace.

While the benefits of meditation are becoming more and more clear to the science based western mindset, one doesn't need to have a deep understanding of brain wave patterns to enjoy the effects of meditation. 

Parsley Health writes,

...the truth about meditation is this: it is a game changing strategy for improving your life that hits squarely at the intersection of the two things we all want most – balance and performance.

We all want to feel grounded, centered and in control. At the same time we all want to optimize our energy and mental focus so that we can achieve more in a given day.

Meditation is the only practice that does both, while simultaneously building gray-matter in your brain, a physical restructuring that improves processing and literally paves the way for new ways of thinking.

We are taught to tie our shoes but not to change our moods. The ability to experience our emotions as an observer, without getting caught up in the storm, is a vital skill set we all need, and yet this is not something we are taught as children. I’m a doctor first and foremost and I believe that meditation is medication.

Guided Meditation Therapy is offered as a 75 minute private session, and is steeped in the ancient meditation traditions of yoga, while incorporating multi-modal scientifically based mindfulness techniques. According to the yoga sutras, we quickly become conditioned to respond the same way either craving more of something or avoiding something coming again, and these responses called samskaras drive us unconsciously to miss out on our actual daily experiences. Instead, we wind up in a hazy state where we are voraciously seeking hits from the environment, more food, more drink, more objects, devices, relationships--or we live in a cycle of fear that something will happen again, which essentially ensures that it will. Guided meditation can allow us therapeutically revisit these samskaras and release them.


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