Provider Transitions


Luke Pietrantone

The Pietrantone Chiropractic practice serves your whole family and will continue to care for patients at 411 Main St through September and October. The Pietrantones will transition to their new building at 121 Elm St (previously known as The Source), later this fall. Stay connected with them for future updates about their move to their new lovely village location.

Call, email, or visit their website for more information:


Michelle Pietrantone

Dr. Michelle will continue to see patients at their current location until the later fall transition to their new Elm St location. Pathways will still meet at the 411 Main St. until the Moms group meetup moves to the new location also. The next Pathways meetup is Monday September 9th at 7:15pm (2nd week due to labor day).

Find Dr. Michelle and the Pathways meetup on FB


Erin Schifferli MS RDN, 500 Hr RYT, Prenatal Certified

  • Erin will be on sabbatical October 1st - January 1st

  • Erin will begin teaching classes again come January 2020, after the National Parks tour of the US home-schooling trip with her children (aka road - schooling ;). We will be transitioning to a seasonal Community Yoga class schedule starting October 1st, as well as, continuing to offer private and small group Yoga, Nutrition, Doula/Birth, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, and Meditation sessions. The seasonal schedule will run 6-12 week class sessions. We will continue to offer PreNatal Yoga and Birth Workshops throughout the year.

  • Yoga

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Birth Coaching

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Mindful Eating

  • Grocery Store Tours

  • Food prep & cooking classes

Erin has experience working with individuals, small groups, corporate wellness settings and community volunteer classes. She loves sharing health and wellness within schools and non-profit organizations. Erin draws from knowledge in several health and wellness modalities to design personalized wellness recommendations for individuals looking to improve their overall state of being. Whether attending JoyWheel sessions, Nutrition & Wellness Consultations, or a Grocery Store Tour, she enthusiastically assists students, clients, and the community in successfully navigating the myriad of lifestyle and behavioral choices available to all of us. Erin believes we were meant to thrive daily and experience life fully. It is her intention to guide people back to their own natural state of wellness/wholeness by offering them techniques and practices that can be applied realistically to daily life. 

Within all her offerings, Erin encourages people to reconnect with the natural rhythms of life. Often, this method inspires students to reprogram their daily habits, learn new approaches to handle stress and let go of old behaviors that no longer serve them. For example, in nutrition, she focuses on whole real food rather than calorie counting or strict diet plans that don't last. This more holistic approach helps people to reestablish a healthy relationship with self-nourishment and enables both people and communities to choose balanced healthy choices. 

All Yoga and Wellness recommendations are co-created, which leads to realistic lifestyle growth and lasting health improvement. Erin believes we are all our own best healers, and with some guidance and support, we can heal our lives, our communities and our planet. 

To learn more about her offerings or make an appointment contact Erin.


Adam Schifferli 500 RYT, RMT

Adam is abundantly grateful for all the teachings and teachers he has been blessed to learn from. As a Yoga Teacher (500hr), Reiki Master Teacher, and Meditation coach, he utilizes individualized blends of Yoga, Meditation and Reiki in order to tailor classes and private sessions to meet people’s various needs. Adam invites students to become more aware of sensations, internal feelings, blockages and old habit patterns in order to discover the healing power of living presence. 

Adam is a storyteller at heart, with his English degree and years of experience working in the combined communications and tech fields, he loves to share these therapeutic practices by weaving stories into his offerings. He believes that sharing our own biographies (which become our biology) with others helps to spread living wisdom as we all walk towards wholeness. Through a commitment to daily practices, Adam continues to learn the importance of connection -- to self, family, and purpose in each and every moment. His offerings are driven by a deep desire to share this consciousness of life with others. He encourages students to learn how to listen to their own innate knowing, one breath, one practice, one day at a time.

Adam is thankful for the teachings of Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, SN Goenka and Vipassana Meditation, as well as the Usui, Karua and Lightarian Reiki Traditions. He feels blessed to be married to Erin Schifferli, an amazing and inspiring woman, and father to four dynamic children, who are the greatest of teachers and sources of learning. Together we share the desire to offer health, wellness, and meditation all who seek it. We, as a family hope, to create a safe, sacred space for all to practice, learn, and grow in – both internally, and together. We are continually inspired by the local community and are very grateful to be a part of it.

Adam is a certified facilitator, and also has a wealth of experience with start-up and new businesses as they begin to grow. He offers consulting services to those in the community to assist their growth by building websites, organizational systems, communication methodologies, and simple ways for small enterprises to have a large impact.

You can reach Adam, to find out more and start your own path, or just schedule an appointment online.

I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.

-Chief Crazy Horse

Samantha Holland

Organic Esthetician

Samantha and her holistic skin care practice will remain at 411 Main St. She will also be expanding within this current location. Sam plans to grow into the rest of the upper & lower space with her new venture: Wholeness Found. To learn more about Samantha's business expansion, visit her new website:

Wholeness Found

Alicia Photo.png

Alicia Vega, LMT

Alicia and her massage practice will continue at the 411 Main St location also. She is planning to grow her practice with even more choices for her clients. For any questions or to schedule an appointment email her:


Kathryn Gawera, LMT

Kathryn will continue her massage therapy practice in the same new location as JoyWheel Yoga & Wellness. She will also be located in Suite 270 inside the Roycroft Print Shop at 21 South Grove St in EA. She is looking forward to sharing her massage and sound ceremony offerings in the new location beginning October 1st. For questions or to schedule an appointment email her:


Chelsey Black, LMT

Chelsey will be transitioning to her new Therapy room at Creative Wellness in East Aurora. The beautiful space is located on the 3rd floor inside the brick building at the corner of Pine and Main St. She is excited about sharing her massage offerings in her new location beginning October 1st. For questions or to schedule an appointment email her: