Monday - Thursday, August 6 - 9

Children already have all the ingredients for a lively imagination, a deep reverence for nature and a willingness to keep their hearts open. Within this year's Summer Camp classes we will offer a combination of Yoga practices like movement, breathing techniques and de-stressing tips along with a mixture of creative arts. The intention for these 2 hour and 15 minute camps is to foster their natural "ingredients" of imagination, play, creativity, exploration and openness within a longer period of time, leaving them feeling confident and inspired!

Cost: $28 per Summer Cap Day (2 hours 15 min) OR $100 for the whole week (4 Day Camps)

Please pre-register as spaces and supplies are limited
Please send a water bottle with lid
Please wear comfy stretchable clothing
Email us with any questions:

Monday - August 6th

Circus Yoga & Play - Ages 5 -11

Kids will learn to play with their movements within this Acro - and  Animal inspired Circus Yoga class. Children will gain team-building skills, trust and balance as we practice partner poses, group poses and even put on a small performance for each other at the end of Camp. They will have fun being silly and feel the joy of helping others laugh. They will challenge themselves with balancing postures that defy gravity, entertain each other with prop - infused poses that awe (such as hula hoops, juggling balls and ropes), and benefit from the steadiness of a breathing practice that helps keep us grounded, centered and focused.

Tuesday -August 7th

Yoga, Henna & Beads - Ages 8-14

Students will enjoy a Yoga Class that will infuse energizing movement with focused breathing and concentration practices -  all to help inspire their creative side. After Yoga the class will learn briefly about the history of both of the sacred arts of Henna designing and Mala beads. Then they will enjoy a guided meditative practice of Henna on one another along with the creation of Mala-inspired beads. The Henna can be placed on hands, feet or upper arms and the beads will be the children's to take home with them.

Wednesday -August 8th

Yoga & Reed Flute Making - Ages 5 - 11

Kids will enjoy a non-lyrical music-filled Yoga class with extra attention focused on feeling the flow of the body along with the sounds and vibrations of the music. They will learn to focus their attention through listening and being present with their experiences, cultivating resonance inside and out. In the second half of this class kids will get to select a reed and learn to how to turn it into their very own personalized flute. We will all have a chance to share the sounds of our new instruments together at the end of camp.

Thursday -August 9th

Yoga & Rock Sculptures - Ages  8 -14

Yoga and Rock sculpting go well together as they both promote concentration, awareness and patience. This class is designed to inspire all of the above through a natural awareness of themselves and nature. Students will enjoy a balancing Yoga class with breathing, flowing movements and challenging balance postures. After class all will get to select a box of rocks as we move into a guided Rock Sculpting class. This art is one of perseverance and simplicity. Students will enjoy the ability to use their ingenuity as they try different combinations to discover just the right fit between the rocks that will build the impermanent piece of art they are creating. What fun!

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