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Birth Prep - Expecting

2 week series  -  Learn * Grow * Prep * Connect

May 10th & 17th


Course Intentions:

Empower women and families by sharing pregnancy and birth information that has been shown to improve health outcomes for mother and child. Invite parents to connect with themselves, the baby and the active birthing community that can offer them much support as they grow their family. Plant seeds for, and encourage, a lifetime of wellness confidence and advocacy.

Week 1.) Who, What, When & Where

  • WHO to choose as care providers before, during and after pregnancy

  • WHAT kind of pregnancy and birth would you wish for – birth plan development

  • Holistic pregnancy and birth

  • What happens during birth – show a simple physical demo of the birth process


Guest Speaker: Dr Michelle Pietrantone – discuss the benefits of using holistic methods during pregnancy and how it can help improve outcomes for a healthy birth. Demo the pelvic bowl and how baby descends and is born.

  • WHEN am I in labor – signs and symptoms to be aware of? Understanding the stages of labor and remembering that all women are different. Our bodies are made to birth - 5-1-1

  • WHERE can I birth – discussing options for birth locations and what they entail

  • Insurance versus out of pocket

discuss midwifery model of care and experiences in all the above locations

discuss birthing from within and what to expect at a hospital birth

 Week 2.) Hormone How to & Practicing for an Active Birth

  • Understanding the role of the hormones of birth and how stress responses can affect them

  • Nervous system and blood brain barrier discussion

  • Intro to Nutrition for Momma, Baby & Family 

Guest Speaker: IBCLC – why breast is best & talk about ages and stages

  • Breathing, Yoga practice, partner practice

  • Labor positions & helpful props

  • Resources in your community & online