What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy—or as we call it Yoga As Medicine— is the selective use of various yoga tools — such as poses, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and meditation, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice — to help people with virtually any health condition, physical or psychological. Because people's health and fitness vary, we often modify poses or use props to make the practices safe and effective.  In Yoga As Medicine, we perform detailed holistic assessments of each client—evaluating body, mind, spirit and environment—and then craft a personalized yoga program. And that's precisely what we teach in our seminars and teacher trainings. Yoga therapy can be used by itself or as an adjunct to any conventional or alternative medical treatment.

Join Us for a very special training with guest instructor Dr. Timothy McCall. This is a five day training workshop. April 21st to April 25th


5 day Training Workshop

8:30 - 400pm

  • Saturday April 21st
  • Sunday April 22nd
  • Monday April 23rd
  • Tuesday April 24th
  • Wednesday April 25th

Breathe. Balance. Be. 

Yoga, Meditation and energy practices can help us live in alignment with our true nature. Unveil who you are and who you wish to be. Let go of the survival struggle and choose to thrive. Here's how to enable this through practice -

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